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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Late @ Night

It's late, and I'm writing this because I just watched as much of Alien: Resurrection as I could stomach without throwing up. And I came close. I was vomiting in the back of my mouth for a little while there. I had to pick up my bro from work today. It makes me think about how much I wish I had a job. I feel like suck a loser wondering around without a job. Even though I am in school right now, it seems like I'm not doing anything. Moping around in my 7up boxers and a head scarf doesn't seem very productive. The Norwegiens are a very funny talking people! I don't think I spelled that right, but I really am to lazy to care. Yay! Maybe it's the Dutch I'm talking about. But back to the point of this post... I feel like a loser. I sometimes get in the dumps about it and sometime I let it roll off my back. Not because of any personla trait that I have, but just because I forget things easily, and don't have the memory span to stay depressed about something long. If I get into a better school this fall, it'll probably be better, but who knows? I certainly don't. I just want to take free karate lessons.


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