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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Bored Being the Key Word

I get bored with people very easily, and by people I mean, guys. As soon as a guy shows the least bit of interest in me (or I've decided to show interest in him), I'm totally enamored. We become involved, things skate along fine for a while, and then I dunno, all of a sudden, I'm totally bored. It doesn't matter what the basis of our relationship is, I just don't see the point in talking to them anymore. This makes me seem mean, and then our relationship ends on a bad note. I don't really care, mind you, because I don't find them interesting anymore. I guess this speaks more to my character than theirs. They don't really want to stop the relationship, but when one of two people stops returning your calls with the same fervor, there's really nothing you can do. As you can probably tell if you read this blog a lot, which I'm sure that you don't, you know that I fall in love pretty easily (Brendan Fraser being the one man that I will love forever), however staying in love, is certainly a problem. I should be entirely honest. I doubt that I'm truly in love with any of these people, but I do feel an attraction that lasts a bit longer than lust, but certainly not as long as love. Therein lies the problem. I imagine if I did just go ahead and have sex with them it would last a bit longer, but I don't, I won't, and wouldn't, and this tends to have problems. There has only been one person that this trend hasn't affected. A) Because I haven't known him as long and B) Because I've had a chance to cool my heels without any proper developments, and then come back to the table. I dunno what it is about men and women. Guys say that they want us to be direct, but if we are, they get their feelings hurt, or at the best, they stop talking to us because they think we're stalkers. Why can't you just say that you like somebody, and then if they don't just be like, sorry, and then just leave things be? Anyway, back to the point, which is really just a rant in disguise; I hope that when I really fall in love, for real, it'll be for the last time, and I can just let this thing go already. Was that a good wrap up point? Maybe, I dunno. But there you have it.

**Look forward to some interesting developments in the next week, as I finish one 'short story', and start on another one.**


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