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Thursday, July 15, 2004

The Shape of ...

I love Rachel Weisz. I think that she's a wonderful actress. And she's the only one of Brendan Fraser's costars (with which he was romantically linked, in his movies)  that I come away actually liking. Even Ricki Lake, whom which he starred with in Mrs. Winterbourne, I couldn't stand for at least a year after that. Some I've continued to despise, but Rachel, well, Rachel I just couldn't hate. She was so perfect with him, I just couldn't deny it. So anyway, even after that I've liked her and followed her career. I saw Runaway Jury and Enemy at the Gates. All I have left to see is Confidence and Envy. And today I saw the Shape of Things. She's in it and Paul Rudd and Gretchen Mol, and some other guy who I didn't recognize. It's the story of this woman (Eve) and this guy (Adam), (get it? Adam and Eve? haha) and they get together and they're having a relationship and Adam's friend's who never gave a rat's behind really about him, start getting their knickers all in a bunch when Eve starts changing Adam. At first it's little things, like a haircut and a new coat, but then he gets a nose job and his character actually starts changing. Then, SPOILER ALERT!!!, in the end it turns out that she was just trying to change him for her thesis for her master's degree. She never really cared about him at all. All in all a pretty forgettable movie. Not Rachel's best work by any means. The thing that even makes me tell you all of this and write all this down is the fact that there was no ending. No resolution. Nobody learns anything, except maybe Adam who learns never to trust anyone ever again. Eve just walks away with no regrets and without any remorse. Adam's friends are still as stuck up as ever and except for breaking up don't change at all. I don't know why it bothers me so much, but the non resolution of that movie really bothered me. I don't know, it hardly seems worth it, but how could somebody get on board for a movie with no ending? They just walk out of the room, parting on a phrase that nobody got a chance to hear, with no sense of closure. What kind of movie is that?  


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