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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Domesticity At it's Finest

Well, I've had this link on here for a while, but I haven't really written anything about it. But when I saw a message from Sharon, I thought I'd better say something nice. Remember when I wrote about being intimidated by prolific writing styles? Well she's one of them. She's funny, too, which is something I mention in the link. Sharon has three kids and is running for mayor of her town. It's just one of the blogs that I came across in the 'go to the Next Blog' link at the top of the blogs. Of the many that I came across, that was one that I stuck with. It's normal without being boring and interesting without being something that you could never relate to. Except the whole mayor thing, I would be totally freaked out. My favorite part are her kids, they've each got something that makes them kids I wish I could have when I start having them. I'm telling you all this just to tell you to go check it out.


Blogger Sharon said...

I am so touched and flattered...you have no idea how you have just totally made my day!

Thank you, Terri. :)

7:06 AM  

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