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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Conversation Pt. 1

It's probably pretty illegal to post this, but I don't think he'll mind. It's a converation I had with somebody posted in bits and peices, because it's long as a mofo.

joemann324 : hey
xenite_one_2001: Hola, what's up?
joemann324 : not much
joemann324 : just did some thinking
joemann324 : it freaked me out
xenite_one_2001: What?
joemann324 : yeah
joemann324 : I think I blew up a theory about the war in Iraq
joemann324 : namely that Bush went to war with Iraq for the Oil Companys
xenite_one_2001: Yeah I figured that.
joemann324 : because Iraq was under embargo, therefore a supplier of oil was not producing, this is good for oil companys because with lower supply, you get higher prices, so they would get more money for less work, now with the embargo lifted, the Iraqi oil is in the world market, therefore the price per barrel will fall sometime, because of greater supply, also, the Iraq war has a great possibility of unstablizing the region, that makes the cost of going business in the Middle East greater
joemann324 : doing*
joemann324 : I mean
joemann324 : so I Think if I were an oil company, I Would be scared of the war in Iraq
joemann324 : what do you think?
xenite_one_2001: Well, oil is a limited resource. It's got to run out someday and controlling the oil supplies in the MidEast is controlling a huge part of the market.
joemann324 : well the companys don't want new reserves yet
joemann324 : because that lowers the price
joemann324 : and they want a stabil middle east, regendless of the human rights issues]
xenite_one_2001: Yeah, but they have control over a huge part of the market now. Maybe they're not just thinking short term.
joemann324 : well if we really wanted the oil in Iraq, what we can do is this
xenite_one_2001: Also a stable Middle East will mean more access to the oil reserves for the country.
joemann324 : right, but the Iraq War destabilizes the Middle East
xenite_one_2001: Yeah, but this way they have some chance. And anyway who would stop them if they started pumping oil out of there right now? With Sadaam in power there was no chance.
joemann324 : if we really wanted the oil here is what we do, Ok, we cut a lil deal with Saddam, we get exclusive access to his oil for a cheap price, in turn, Saddam gets the heat off of him, and he can do whatever he wants to his own people
joemann324 : Saddam would not attack us, if we are his loyal customer
xenite_one_2001: Yeah but would we really want ties with someone who a) killed his own people b) we had a war with not too long ago?
joemann324 : well, who give a flying f***, he is giving us cheap oil
xenite_one_2001: Yeah, but how long would people let that slide? In today's moral right-wing country, if an opponent brought that up in a presidential race, Bush wouldn't have lasted long.
joemann324 : well, Bush would say, would you rather have war, or an enemy that is defanged and that we are getting something from


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