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Thursday, December 09, 2004

New Gig

Well, I've got some good news. Yesterday I found out that I'm going to hosting a show on my school radio station. The only reason that I didn't post about it yesterday ws because I was busy finding out the love of my life was married (I'll write about later), and by the time I got back to my room I only had tme to read a little of the Hitchiker's Guide and go to bed. I'll be hosting a show somewhere between 12 -5am on Sunday mornings (Saturday nights). So, for those of you (yeah right) wh live in Winston-Salem, you can catch me on 90.5. However, if you don't live here, you can listen online here. That'll be pretty fun, I guess. If you're wondering what kind of music I'll be playing, i do't even know yet. I'll try to mix it up with rock, rap, country, R&B, and everything in between. Hopefully, it'll attract more people like me who like all kinds of music. I'm going to be playing all the best music that I've found over the years, and introduce it to a new audience, and I might even have a segment or two about the random stuff that I do everyday. Mayhaps. So, anyway, once I get a schedule, I'll post it here, and you can check it out. Listen and learn, people, listen and learn.


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