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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Luck of the Irish

This started out as a response to a post that one of my friends wrote, but then it took on a life of it's own. So I started to expand upon it, and I've come up with this:

Okay, firstly 'Luck of the Irish' is the best Zoog movie ever! A young just-getting-sexy Ryan Merriman, that little nazi guy from the blues brothers, Jigs Galore! Seriously, that movie is the junk. And I'm not just saying that. Side note here, anyone notice how hot Ryan Merriman has gotten? I've liked him since he was in the Pretender. And another hint that we were meant to be: He was born nine days before I was. Though, that could mean that I'm more suited for Hayden Christiansen (young Darth Vader) who was born on exactly my birthday. Then again, so was Suge Knight . Yikes. Maybe I'd better stop thinking along those lines. Back to the movie, however. It starts out with a kid named Kyle. He doesn't know anything about where he came from, but everyone else seems to notice his never ending stream of good luck. So long story short, he gets his lucky coin (it holds all of the good luck of their whole bloodline) stolen by a bad guy named Seamus McTiernen. Another side note here, the guy who played Seamus is the same guy who played a Jesus wannabe on Xena. I'm not gonna hate though. Anyway, he finds out that his mother's side of the family is inhabited by Leprechauns! So, it's on to get his lucky coin back and return his mother (who has shrunk as a result of their luck being taken away) and himself (also rapidly shrinking) back to normal. So, in the end Kyle learns that it's important to know where you're from, but it's even more important to know who you are. Gives you shivers, huh? Great movie, good acting, and I don''t know a single person whose seen it and hasn't given it the thumbs up. I can't even say as much for all the other craptacular crapilations that they've been throwing at us. Eddies Million Dollar Cook Off? The Cheetah Girls? Fifeteen Again? You Wish? Garbage to the nth power. But this movie not only gets you in the here and now, but it has massive lasting power. So, if you haven't already, see it. You'll feel lucky you have. Get it? Lucky? Like, the Irish? Oh, nevermind.


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