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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Ted's B-Day!

Well, today is Ted Raimi's birthday, and I just thought I'd say have a happy one. I know you are because you're kind of rich and kind of famous and your brother is a very rich and very famous director who gives you pretty nice supporting roles in every movie that he's ever made. So, anyway, I'm not bitter or anything, really. You may remember Ted from Xena and Hercules as the bumbling sidekick Joxer (though Joxer would never think of himself that way), and from SeaQuest as a character who's name I can't remember. The only things that I can remember about that show were: 1) The talking dolphin. Wasn't he British or something? 2) That episode where this guy's mother comes from the past, but she's young and she doesn't now anything about the future, and she goes to take a bath, but she takes off her clothes, and apparently in the future, you don't have to. Something about sonic showers or something. 3) That guy from Jaws. You know the one I'm talking about. Robert something. Or Roy. And he wore those glasses in the movie, and there was that part where he looked up because the shark was coming. Or something like that. Good show. I think. Anyway, happy birthday Ted! Oh and by the way, the Scifi Channel officially blows. Just getting you up to date.


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