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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Follow the child's cry.....You know the way

I felt like it had been a minute since I just wrote something on here your your digestion. Well, my birthday is coming up, and that means that my DixieChickeversary is coming up too, so that'll be a lovely thing to celebrate. On top of that Easter is right around the corner, and either I'll be sitting at home with no ham, swimming, or I'll be sitting at home, with a ham, and my family, and swimming. Either way I'm going swimming. Brendan Fraser was on Ellen, looking as hot as ever and I was talking with my friend Ingrid on the phone, and I was watching him and not really talking to her and I after every sentence that I said about him I would mention that I wanted to have his babies. So it'd go something like this: "Man, Brendan is looking good, I'm gonna have his babies. OR Mmmm, don't throw that ball like that, I'll have your babies. OR Don't ever been cute and funny, I'll have your babies. OR He's so down to Earth. I'll have his babies." Granted, somebody else is already having his babies. But, he's got plenty of babies left in him. It's just a testament to my devotion to him, because I'll wait for him. I always wonder what would happen if Brendan Fraser ever actually came to my blog (yeah, right) or the Dixie Chicks, or heaven forbid, Michelle Yeoh. Firstly, they'd be freaked out, yeah, that goes without saying. Then, I think, if they weren't too freaked out to stop reading, they would see that I'm fully aware of how weird I am, and not freaky at all. At least I hope not. My biggest celebrity related fear is that I'll meet Brendan, or the Chicks, or Shelly, and then I'll freak them out because I know a little too much about them, or I obsess too much, or I'll start to cry or something. So, I have to keep a cool head about everything, or they'll never want to spend time with me ever. And that would suck pretty hard. So, in conclusion, which I think I'm getting to right about now, I'm obsessive, but not in a weird way, and I think that if I ever do meet them, I'll be pretty cool about it and then we can hang out in real life and I'll go to their houses and stuff and they'll call me when they have problems because that's just how tight we'll be. Well, either that, or they're going to have to use the jaws of life to separate me from Brendan's leg. You know, one or the other.


Blogger Terri D. said...

I just realized this was the first time in 2006 that I mentioned Brendan in my blog. I just thought I put that out there. i think I've mad eup for it by saying Brendan Fraser about 89 times, but you know. I loev you, Bren!

4:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

...Yeah, that's not going on a t-shirt.

Harley Quinn.

9:42 PM  
Blogger England said...


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