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Friday, February 24, 2006

Fear courses through my veins like arctic water, and my spirit ices over....

This was an email, but I thought it would make a good post as well. If any of the Chicks see this (yeah right) please put my mind at ease, 'cause you're killing me over here.

Yeah, so I''m so scared. Like, no I'm not thinking I'm pregnant or have an STD or something, but I'm really scared because A) the Chicks new album is coming out in April and I swear I have no idea where they're going. Like, you know you say, hey, yeah, no I love everything that they do, but I swear that I have no idea what it's going to sound like, and I am so paralyzed with fear. I know it won't be bad, but I just don't know where it's going to go. And that seriously troubles my heart. Like, in a huge terrible. Actually because I heard that they're taking a track a little away from traditional country music. And it's just that Martie is a fiddler and Emily works the dobro and the steel guitar and those are country music instruments, and I want them to be totally a part of it, because I love everything that they do. Also, um, B) They're supposed to be going on tour in June, and if things work out, I'll be in China during that time, and if I miss the Chicks concert because of that, I'm seriously going to hang myself from the nearest tree. Like I am so worried that I'll miss their concert, I dunno what to do.


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