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Thursday, July 06, 2006


Well, it really has been a long time. Sorry about that. Anyway, as you're probably wondering things are going well for me now, I'm working and though I still havn't been paid, I have big ideas for all that beautiful money that I'm going to be earning. This really is a review post that I expect most of the world will be able to benefit from. I recently just saw that movie Superman:Returns and let me tell you, right off the bat that is mostly an unfavorable review. Now, I mean, that's not to say that it was a bad movie, but on a scale of one to ten, well, I'll get to that later. Let's just start with the basic plot and a few positive observations. Basically Superman has been gone for five years, and all of a sudden he Returns back to Earth. Several things have happned in his absence, most important to the plot being two things. Firstly, Lex Luthor has gotten out of jail, because Superman didn't show up at his parole hearing, and secondly, Lois has entered into a relationship with a good man, and had a child, approxmately five years old. Boy that skank doesn't mess around! Anyway, so, blah, blah, blah, Lex is up to his old tricks, and Lois still doesn't care about Clark, but has the hots for ole Supe. Of course there are your variety of Superman just barely saving the day in the nick of time moments, which as always, are exciting, and I love those. But there was a lot of that boring Bryan Singer exposulation, which makes me wonder why the man has decided to keep making action films. All-in-all, this just isn't a story worthy of the hero of all heroes: Big Supe. Of course, granted, I've always disliked the guy. I'm much, much more a fan of Batman. It was always my way of thinking that we shouldnt reward a guy who can do pretty much anything, just for doing what he should. Now, if you were a normal person, and you saw somebody getting robbed at gunpoint, to step in, save that person, and not get yourself killed in the process is true heroism. But stepping in, and knowing that a bullet could never hurt you? Well, sure you're going to do what you have to do, but nobody should be throwing you a parade about it. It's as normal and nonthreating to you as going out for the morning paper or driving your kid to school. Batman feels every punch and every kick. When he gets out of a tight situation, it's his own ingenuity and strength that do it for him. Anyway, back to the point. Not that great of a movie. The plot was a little convoluted, and the characters were a little flaky. I keep wondering, what is it about Lois that drives Clark so crazy? Also, this whole forbidden love thing is a little old. This would have been a great time to focus on Supe as a growing character, and not Flying High with the Lane clan. Anyway, on Terri's Trustable Scale O' Movies, with 1 being Doo Doo Brown and Doo Doo Brown 2: Electric Boogaloo, I'd give this movie a 5. This was almost a four, but I believed in the dream, and even though I didn't cheer, I did like it. Oh and there was this one time when the Chief said "Great Ceaser's Ghost!", just like in the old show.


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