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Sunday, October 15, 2006

We applied the cortical electrodes but were unable to get a neural reaction from either patient.

So, a friend of mine has a story posted on her blog, that she wrote for her Japanese class. And I wanted to see what it said, but I have absolutely no paitence, whatsoever. So, I went to a helpful little website, and had it translated. It's way off, and I knew that almost immediately because it's supposed to be about a Turtle and a Mountain, and it's totally called Pot and Mountain, which is all off. So, anyway, yeah, here it is. I'll probably highlight my favorite parts, funny as they are. Oh and Jess, this isn't a commentary on your Japanese, I used a crappy translator. *hugs*

Pot and mountain (and ま) The む oak む oak, the pot was as for the raw obtaining the pot. However the shellfish (or) from it is clean, the head was and was the わ る. One day (), the river (the わ) speaking unintentionally, the water (only not seeing) increased. You looked at the fish. Does the pot, "go somewhere? "The time it came. The fish, "me (transferring) month (being attached) goes to the place. "It was to question. Is the pot, "so? Why it goes? "The time it came. The fish, "month (being attached) is the party! "It was to question. The pot was the surprise. The fish questions and starts, "the pot, me (transferring) the better ょ. "The time it came. The pot, "is funny, is. Month (being attached) is the party the river (the わ)? "The time it came. The fish to question was and, was. The pot fleetingly it is forcing. "Me (transferring) the ぎ increase it is. "It was to question. Is the fish, "so? "With saying, it went to the party. In (in) the forest (the り) to the line which depends (to be) the っ て, the stone (to do the pot to be) it sat down. Exceeding is, ",! The small (ちto be) the case, the stone (it does to be), you sit down the foot (the あ to do)! "It was to question. The pot (does not do to be), "me (transferring) the stone. It is the pot. Is someone? "It was to question. Exceeding is, "me (transferring) the mountain (and the ま). "It was to question. The mountain (and the ま) being high, the ひ る it was and was. The mountain (and the ま) does, "what (what) do with this? "The time it came. The pot, "me (transferring) month (being attached) does not go to the party. "It was to question. The mountain (and the ま) is not completed, ". Me (transferring) month (being attached) it does not go to the party. "It was to question. Don't you think? the pot so, ". The party the stripe is done, the ょ! "It was to question. The mountain (and the ま), "you think and it is cute! "It was to question. The そ it depends, the mountain (and the ま) with the pot doing the party, it is the べ it increased ケイーキ and アイスクリム and クキ. It fell and increased only the ゃ.


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Oh my GAWD! This is full of hilarity!

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