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Friday, September 22, 2006

Nicolas Cage is In the Wickerman! He's in the Wickerman's Head!/Dream A Little Dream of Me

Somebody just told me that the other day and it was the funniest thing I'd ever heard in my life. Now, I know my sole purpose in life is to just go see the Wickerman and laugh my @$$ off. So, anyway, I had this dream that I thought I should share, and hopefully a trained psychologist (not you, Poison! I said trained. Just kidding I (heart) you!) will stumble across my page and maybe tell me what the hell is wrong with me, just by analyzing this dream. So, um, I was at this S.I.A. meeting. That's the club I'm in on campus, the Student International Association. So, anyway, instead of our current President our old (old) president was heading up the meeting, Dorothy. Latoya (our new president) and I were sitting at this table next to these glass containers, and in them was this cocoa powder. But it wasn't normal cocoa powder, it was like Jim Beam or something, because it smelled like alcohol. But I think it also said Jim Beam on the cover. So, anyway, we were going to give those away to the members who came to the meeting, and also, we had this little chocolate packets everywhere. Like ketchup packets, but full of chocolate, you know? So, Latoya and I were getting all the extra little packets that were everywhere, and we were just going to eat the chocolate out of the packets. So, I'm sitting there grabbing all these little packets, and Latoya and I are having this good old time over in the corner, sitting at this table. And so Dorothy is about to start the meeting, and you know how you're singing a song, but not really? Like you're kinda humming it absentmindedly? Well, Dorothy was humming, I Want to Dance with Somebody by Whitney Houston. So, like, we all start singing along in a really loud voice. You know, like how everybody bursts out into song if they like that particular song? So, all the girls as singing, and all the guys are looking at us like we're stilltarded (because even though SIA has practicallyno guys in it, in my dream there were like about half guys). So, we're all singing, and then it starts to die down, you know, and then, for some reason, Melina Kanakaredes is there and she's dancing. It's a very specific dance where she's shaking her arms up and down and pumping her fists, with her head down. And she starts going when the song is like, Don't you wanna dance, say you wanna dance (DANCE). Oh, and she's wearing this brown trenchcoat. So, we're watching her dance a little and I notice that her arm is on fire. Not like, all on fire, but just a little patch of it is on fire. So, then I walk over and pat it out. And that's it. A little patch of fire. That's all it was. Nothing to write home about, it barely singed the coat, butI walked over, calm as day, and patted it out, LIKE NOTHING WAS WRONG!!! I probably need somebody to talk to. You know, about life, the universe, and everything.


Anonymous Mr.J said...

Did Harley ruin it for you? Yeah, we saw that on accident. NEVER AGAIN!!!! That nigga; that was dumb as hell. It takes a lot for me to absolutely hate a movie...I try to find a little entertainment in every movie; but this one...HELL NO! I have the same sentiment for War of the Worlds!

1:33 PM  

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