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Friday, January 19, 2007

We Are Without Form, Thus We Are Awestruck...

Thus the blade is brought down a second time. Under the name of a mask.

These are a few quotes from Bleach, the manga, that I think are really pretty.

"We fear that which we cannot see"

"People have hope because they cannot see Death standing behind them"

"If I were the rain
That joins sky and earth that otherwise never touch
Could I join two hearts as well?"

"We are drawn to each other
Like drops of water, like the planets
We repulse each other
Like magnets, like the colors of our skin"

"I can't protect you without holding a sword.
I can't embrace you while holding a sword."

"Yes, there is no Fate for us
Only those who are swallowed by
Ignorance and fear and miss a step
Fall into the rapid river called Fate"

"We should not shed tears
That is a surrender of the body to the heart
It is only proof
That we are beings that do not know
What to do with out hearts

"If it is rusts, it can never be trusted
If its owner fails to control it, it will cut him
Yes, pride is
Like a blade"

"Oh, all of us dream
That we are flying the skies
With out eyes open"

"We reach out with our hands
Brush away the clouds and pierce the sky
To grab the moon and Mars
but we still can't reach the truth"

"Light a fire to the fang that cannot be reached
So that I do not have to see that star
So that I do not slit this throat"

"We think a flower on a cliff is beautiful
because we stop our feet at the cliff's edge,
unable to step out into the sky
like that fearless flower"

"Every time we set aside our pride
We take a step closer to the beast
Every time we kill an emotion
We take a step away from the beast"

"Creak, creak, tower of purgatory
Piercing the world like light
Sway, sway, tower of spine
Will it be us or the sky that falls?"

"I just keep practicing. Saying goodbye to you"

"The constant shower of the sun's mane
will erase the remaining footprints on the thin ice.
Don't be afraid when you are deceived
for the world is already full of deception."

"Red like blood.
White like bone.
Red like solitude.
White like silence.
Red like the beastly instinct.
White like a god's heart.
Red like thawing hatred.
White like a frozen, pained cry.
Red like the night's hungry shadows.
So shooting through the moon in a sigh is like
radiant white, scattered red."

"Your shadow stealthily
leaves nothing of where you go, like a poisoned needle
that sews together my footsteps.
Your light pliantly
strikes the water tower, like a lightning bolt.
that severs the source of my life."

"That's right, nothing else can change my world."

"One who paints the beauty in love
is one who pretends to know her form.
One who paints the ugliness in love
is one who once arrogantly knew her"

"This entire world
exists for the sake of cornering you."

"There is no meaning in our world
And no meaning is us who live there
We, meaningless, think of the world
Although knowing that there is no meaning there
Is even meaningless itself"

"We are the fish in front of a waterfall
We are insects inside a cage
We are the remains of a high wave,
The staff of the skull,
The stream of power, the whale that swallows it all
We are the ox with five horns
We are the monster that blows out fire
The children that wail
Ah, we are
Poisoned by the moon light"

"We are all
dead since we are born
The end is
there before anything starts
If to live is
to continue learning
The end is when we learn the very last thing
To finally discover the end
and learning about it completely
is what death is
We are not allowed to learn about something
Those who cannot transcend death,
shouldn't learn of anything"


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