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Thursday, December 28, 2006

I'd rather have my daughter dating a girl, than her own brother.

So, last night we saw Apocaplypto, and as my bro and I were thinking up names to descibe the epic (his was Apocacrapto, and mine was Apocalickmyballs), I realized that the movie wasn't entirely terrible. The story takes place in what I assume is one of the great jungles of South America. Jaguar Paw lives an idyllic life with his father, his pregnant wife and son, and the form of nomads who are traveling through his forest. They are travelling away from a great evil after their village is ravaged. Jaguar Paw's fathers sees the fear in his son's eyes, and mentions to him that it is this begining that causes trouble for the village. So, the next morning fear comes full circle, and those that rampaged the village where the nomads were from, reached Jaguar Paw's village. It's not the Europeans in thier metal armor with their guns that we see, but men, just like Jaguar Paw and his family. Strong men and woman are stolen away and lead away from their homes, to a gigantic city. There some are sent to be sold into slavery, the other sacrificed to the sun god. This movie does more than remind viewers of the horrors of slavery, but it gives an amazing view of Mayan (Aztec?) times. The story was straightforward, the acting, above par. The movie was in subtitles, but as a person who spends a lot of time watching movies that are subtitles, I had no problem with it. It was kinda violent, but I didn't really notice it at the time, but if you're very sensitve to that sort of thing, I would recommend skipping this one. The movie was grand, and had lots of people, and action, and most of all, running. On Terri's Scale O' Movies I'd give it a 7. I enjoyed it alot and would definately recommend going to see it.


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