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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I don't know what a Hollaback girl is. All I know is that I want her dead.

Recently I heard about in England, how they were censoring Tom and Jerry cartoons to take out the smoking. Because, long time fans of the show will notice, sometimes when he's trying to be cool, or something, Tom will light up a stoogy, usually using Jerry as the lighter, or the paper licker or something. I don't get this. These are parts of our past, and I guess I figure if it was good enough for kids of the past, it's good enough for kids now. I mean, how many of us watched those old Tom and Jerry cartoons and then went and bought a pack of cigs that night. Or long after. I think there are much more influential things in our lives that get us to smoke (if we do) than a bunch of cartoons. Anyway, you're talking about a cartoon where I just saw a mouse put an iron in a pie and then throw it at a cat's head. Firstly, worse stuff happens all the time on that show than smoking. Tom and Jerry are horrible violent to one another and nobody ever gets hurt, or shows any lasting effects. Of course my favorite gag is when Jerry props open the window with a ruler, and then leads Tom through the window, kicking the ruler out with him. So, then, the window closes, clasping Tom's neck in the window. It's hilarious. And it always makes me laugh. I think sometimes being over protective is just being overprotective. They've take alot of Warner Bros. cartoons off for some ridiculous reason or another, and if we keep letting people mess with our classics. All we'll have are the memories of the great cartoons we had growing up, while our kids will be stuck inside an ever widening bubble.


Blogger Marlewen said...

I totally get where you're comming from, and I miss the late nights on Cartoon Network (that don't exist anymore because of Adult Swim) when they would show Toon Heads...and one other show that I don't remember the title of...and they would show all of the old toons from WWII, even the ones that were propaganda. Man, I LOVE those. Like the one with Nazi Donald that we saw at animazement. That's the stuff I miss the most T_T

10:21 PM  
Anonymous Harley said...

Like the ones where the characters never said anything but a few "oh"s and "ah"s? And the only other sound was sound effects and old Victrola music?? They sometimes showed them on Pee Wee's Playhouse? Yeah. I liked those. I even miss the recent one like Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain. Yeah. Those were the days. Now the only cartoons that are on for kids are shit like Pokemon and Yugi-oh, which, you know, if you like them, that's cool, but they're so fucking dramatic. No cartoon's when I was young were that serious and seriously dramatic! Oh, and I also miss Rainbow Brite. Don't hate.


10:43 PM  

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