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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Comes Early

So, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers came on tonight. I love that movie. It's just so, I dunno, musically. I love musicals. There's just something about spontaneous singing that's just lovely. I wish that happened in real life. What if you were just walking down the street and all of a sudden not only could you sing harmony with at least a half a dozen people, but you'll dance with the quickness of a young Fred Astaire without all that messy breathing hard and whatnot. Yeah, that's the life. I like all kinds of musicals. Stormy Weather is one of my favorites, I love White Christmas, Carousel, the Sound of Music, The Music Man, practically anything with Shirley Jones in it, plus new stuff like Chicago, Evita, and Moulin Rouge. I mean, I just love those things. I guess maybe because they're so cliched, but there's just something about those songs that just begs you to sing along, know all the words and the dance steps. There is this one scene in Stormy Weather, where these two guys, they're the Nicholas Brothers, they're dancing all around the set, and they're doing these jumps and splits and everything, and they totally do these splits all the way down a flight of stairs. It's almost impossible to describe, one of those things you have to see for yourself, but trust me, it's downright amazing. And I can totally perform the entire movie White Christmas from memory. The songs and dances too. Still musicals have something that normal movies lack. A swing, a jive, a song and dance, that just make them more fun. The guys seem more heroic, the girls wittier, the endings more satisfying, and life just a whole lot jazzier.


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