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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Chicks Pledge

In celebration of my DixieChicksaversary I'm posting my Chick's pledge which you can find on this awesome site. Also, I want some sausages. Don't judge me! I can't properly regulate my body temperature.

The pledge that all Dixie Chicks fans are required to say before even being considered for Chickdom.

I, (state your name), promise to love, buy any CDs of, purchase magazines pertaining to, go to concerts, watch on TV, pay per view, or any other media, and visit the website of the Dixie Chicks, forever. I promise not to let this get the best of me however, so that I become obsessed to the point of watching them through binoculars, looking through windows, and or garbage. I promise that when I hear Natalie sing, or Martie fiddle, or Emily pick, that my heart will fill with admiration and respect for these women who give so much to the music world. I promise that when the day comes when they become (heaven forbid) old and wrinkly, saggy and gray, when Natalie can't sing so strongly anymore and Martie's fingers don't move as fast as they used to and Emily can't remember what all those strings are for, I will still respect them, still admire them, and have a high regard for the Chicks and all they stand for and do.


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