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Monday, September 17, 2007

Music from Commercials 2: Electric Boogaloo

Oh, you thought I was done with the Electric Boogaloo thing, didn't you? Oh silly goose. Probably you don't remember me ever having done it, and I would tell you, go back and read some earlier posts, jerk. Um, I'm sorry, I didn't mean that. Or did I? Is she kidding? Anyway, today's post is about commercial music, and I've posted about it before, hence the EB part. Before I was posting about commercials that I had heard and wanted to find the songs from, and I didn't really know, so I did some research, found out, and subsequently spreaded the knowledge. I know spreaded isn't a word. Sometimes. Anyway, so, here are two songs that I figure that you could benefit from knowing the name of, or at least in the case of the first one, the artists.

1. The Yoshida Bros./Nikata Or something
You know those commercials for the Nintendo Wii? And like, the two Japanese guys are holding the Wiimotes, (digression here: Don't you just love the word WiiMote? It's like cute and fun, and it fits the object completely, however, don't say it to somebody who doesn't know, or they'll just think you have a speech impediment) and like bowing, and saying 'We would like to play?'. Okay so in the background the song is like this mixture of traditional 'Asian' sounds and kind of a hip hop beat. This is the Yoshida Brothers I discovered them about two years ago, after I heard their song Nikata. So, I went out and bought their two albums, and am still working on getting the third one. They're really good, and mix the traditional shamisen with hip hop beats, latin beats, and all kinds of wonderful instruments and music. I love both their albums, and plan to buy the rest, just as soon as I get some money.
*thanks to Wiki, I found the name of the song: "Kodo (Inside the Sun Remix)."

2. Jaime Lidell/ A Little Bit More
I heard his song 'Multiply' on NPR around the same time I heard the Yoshida Brothers on Anime on Demand. What got me was his voice, his soul inspired singing just really got me in the right place. His music had a groove, and his voice was the icing on top. His song 'A Little Bit More' is one of my favorite on an album packed with awesome tracks, and I would certainly recommend anyone interested in blues, soul, funk, or electronica, should really check it out. So, anyway, his song, 'A Little Bit More' is featured on those Target commercials.

So, I hope that you guys would go be interested in these artists, because they're all pretty cool. Also, I dunno if you remember Robert Randolph and the Family Band, but they're pretty wicked cool, and even though I don't own any of their albums, I would certainly recommend checking them out. It won't be long until I get it, and subsequently, they're going to be hella popular.


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