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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Vote For Change!

The Dixie Chicks, along with lots of other bands, and individual artists are going to be doing a Vote for Change Tour. It's really just a tour that will get people hyped to not vote for Bush. Of course I'm all for it, because I love the Chicks and I can't stand Bush, but I'm just wondering what the country music scene will think about all this. The reason that I think that the Chicks rock so much is because of the uniqueness of thier music and the talent with which they handle their instruments. Their music introduced me to country music, and if they alienate the country fans then they won't have a reason to play country anymore. If they stop playing country then their whole style will change, and I don't know what that'll do to the sound. Anyway, I'll stick with them through thick and thin. I just hope everything works out okay.


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