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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Lacksadaisical Ineptitude

This is an actual email that I recieved from a friend of mine. I seriously, seriously have no idea what she is talking about. Seriously. To read it, a person would think that I'm some mover and a shaker who can make people feel guilty about themselves. No, not really. I just wanted to share this with you.

"And as far as practice...just call when you CAN come. We are going to continue to have practice, and we will update you on the schedule; and don't feel as if someone is not including you or that you feel left out, we really have to go on without you. It's not fair for the rest of us to sit and wait on you, and then you don't show up. So don't aim to make us feel guilty, because we don't anymore. We use to feel like shit, and we would try and compromise an appropriate time with you. It's not working, and hasn't worked before. And don't act like a victim and try to avoid us. You usually call at least 14 times a week, now you "drop off," without a trace. You not being committed is a minor problem that shouldn't effect our friendships. Believe me when I say that I am not trying to attack you. And if our phone worked I would call and tell you this, b/c an email is not appropriate. I love you Terri, and I can't wait until you are able to live like a 21-year-old college student.

"...why do I always have to play the mean one; I'm actually a saint!"

"I'll see ya next time."~ Levar Burton"

I left out the name to protect the innocent. I use that term loosely, but I, again, digress. I will post the one that I sent this person back. I wrote it before I had actually read the post, and had just scanned it. If I had written this person back after fully reading the above mentioned e-mail, it would not have been as polite and/or profanity free. Do not judge me!

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