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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

P.S. The Village did suck!

This is the message that I sent back to the person I mentioned previously in the post. You can see that it's very not judgmental. We're in a band, by the way, which might explain stuff in this letter, and in the previous one. They have practice 'every' Tuesday and Thursday, and apparently, I'm the one being left behind. In the band I mean, but back to the point:

"Firstly, no The Village really did suck. Secondly, I didn't "drop off" and I'm not playing the victim. I'm sick of being the loser who has to call you 14 times a week when I want to talk to you. Why should I have to call you 14 times a week to talk to you? That's not right. Anyway, if you want to talk, you know my number. You told me to call when I can do something, and that's what I'm doing. I'm calling you when I can do something. Anyway, for taping, I can bring whatever, foodwise. I've been really busy trying to get into school and everything, so, I'll be there, but I won't be able to do that much stuff with you guys right now, anyway. I've been busy and I don't suspect that your plans need my consent or anything anyway. I will be sending you a list of stuff that I want to talk about. I have two Geekdoms and I have a sexy man update. I am also going to need the camera for the Borg thing. By the way, I've can still update the web page fine, as I have been doing. I don't have to have Frontpage to put the pics on, but it's working now anyway, so I can do it."

At the end of the other e-mail, something was mentioned about the web page, which explains the comment about Frontpage. I left that part out because I didn't feel it was relevant to the e-mails.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


First I want to mention that I'm a big fan of the show, I love to hear what you guys have to talk about. Secondly, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out that you are talking about the other hosts. Thirdly, you probably never show up to practice...if I were in that band I would be pissed too. You're getting defensive, but clearly you never show up, and you're probably not committed. I can tell b/c you are the one who updates the website and we see where that is going. And also you have a link to this on the "fish" website; and yet you are bashing the other hosts. That's not cool! And I have the right mind to actually email the show and tell the other girls about it! And back to the band thing...you should be lucky that they are still trying to work with you. The fact that when she came to you about this problem she wasn't trying to offend you, yet you got offended. She came to you as a friend! Imagine when someone (who doesn't like or appreciate you) in the real world comes to you and has a problem. You are basicly cutting off a friendship simply because YOU have commitment problems. Either you are really petty or you're extremely sheltered and naive. These girls are your friends and co-workers and you go to childish lenghts to address a problem that should be discussed when you show up to practice (if you'll even care enough to go). Don't you think that this would hurt them to know that you would end your friendships over stupid shit like this?
How long have you been the other girls friends...for years! And yet you are willing to go to the extent of calling one of them (and I use this loosely!) an enemy just because she addressed something that everyone(clearly) has a problem with. Grow Up!

11:44 AM  

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