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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Not A Quote

I've been thinking about it, and well, you know the people in Hollywood, and in music that you think are out of the box? You know, those people who did everything differently. With a big 'f-you' to the man. Right? Rockers and actors and artists who may or may not be white, asian, black or otherwise. You'd think they'd be that way in their private lives, too. They would be the kind of people that would hang out with the coolest, craziest, smartest people. And then you seen them at big premieres or parties, and who do they always have on their arms? (The men I mean) They always have these emaciated, blonde haired, blue eyed models. These guys who, when they were in high school, could never have scored this so called 'bombshells', and the first thing they do when they get a little fame is find the skinnest, whitest, blondest girls they could find. *cough*Johnny Depp*cough* Even though his girlfriend isn't technically blonde. Anyway, want to suggest to these men, who are usually mega hot and full talent, intelligence and coolness; Why not try a black woman? Think about it! Black ladies are about as outside of the box as you can get! There is nothing wrong with them, of course, but it seems that so many successful, handsome rockers, or successful handsome actors, who have all of the characteristics that I have mentioned above, don't want to spend some times with their darker sisters. Now, I'm all for experimenting, but it was the only Black, goth girl in the whole school who would ever spend any time with them back in high school, and now they won't even look that way. And don't tell me that these little tarts are good for conversation. I don't even think you can use them for anything else, you might break them. I would like to suggest to those people who want somebody like that, and a way to think outside the box, next time you want to spend time with a nice, smart girl, try one of the darker hued variety. All the Jonathan Davis' of the world, the Johnny Depps, the Elijah Woods, and Billy Zane's, how much further out the box do you want?


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