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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

My Chat

This is a chat that I had with somebody, the names have been changed to protect the innocent, especially Raoul, the hot Spanish, poolboy. Actually no, that would have been to much work. Just pretend that I did that, and don't ask questions:

BulmaXenite: In ten years, you two could be having gads of cute little Blasian kids.
BulmaXenite: It took me ten minutes to think of how to bring Black and Asian together.
BulmaXenite: You could do it in ten seconds if you go over and talk to him. If you get my meaning.
BulmaXenite: ;-)
Somebody else18: yeah it is kind of hard
BulmaXenite: Why is my side of the conversation always filled with innuendo and double entendre?
Somebody Else18: but I can't have kids, you are having my kids for me remember?
BulmaXenite: All the more reason that you talk to him!!!
BulmaXenite: I mean, if he looks good, we could always do it the old fashoined way.
BulmaXenite: Hmmm?
Somebody Else18: Noooo!
BulmaXenite: Lets not fight it, Mani! Just bring me a nice handsome hunk, and I'll have all the kids you want.
BulmaXenite: Muwhahaha!
BulmaXenite: I mean, lol
Somebody Else18: yeah
Somebody Else: right
BulmaXenite: *wink
Somebody Else18: hmm...
BulmaXenite: Now you do all the work (raising the kids, finding the guy) and I reap all the rewards (having my way with him)
BulmaXenite: I think that this could work out.
BulmaXenite: Rwarrr
Somebody Else18: but you will still have to go through child birth
BulmaXenite: I know, but c'mon, I hate kids, that's gotta be easier than dealing with their crap for 18 years.
Somebody Else18: 18? You know it will be longer than that
BulmaXenite: And even that's not guaranteed anymore, they might becoming back at 21, 25, or 30. And they'll bring more kids. Not thank.
BulmaXenite: There you go.
BulmaXenite: And I will be off somewhere, enjoying the sunshine, with Raoul, the pool boy.
BulmaXenite: Oh Raoul, you're tanned and hardend, um, biceps, wrap me lovingly in your embrace.
BulmaXenite: Ah, sweet bliss
SomebodyElse18: why Raoul?
BulmaXenite: It sounds exotic. And have you seen his, um hair? yeah. hair
BulmaXenite: Anyway, he's buff, and sensous and knows how to treat a lady.
SomebodyElse18: 8-O
BulmaXenite: And he's hung like a horse! I mean, his hair is. His hair.
SomebodyElse: LOL
BulmaXenite: Oh Raoul!
SomebodyElse18: he he he
BulmaXenite: Anyway, lets get off this topic before Jesus thinks I'm serious. Which I am. Just kidding Jesus!
BulmaXenite: (y)
SomebodyElse18: he he he

You might have noticed that I did change the names to protect the innocent. I got my second wind just as I was cutting and pasting this thing. Sorry Raoul.


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