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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Much Ado About Something

Like how I took the title 'Much Ado about Nothing' and changed it to something, so it had some relevance to my post. YaY! I am so witty. Anyway, I watched that movie today, the one with Denzel Washington and I was surprised to say that it was really good. I usually don't like Shakespeare, no I'm lying, I love Shakespeare, but I hate it when evebody dies in the end. That sucks. The ending to this was pretty good, though. Everybody made it out alive (sort of, you'll have to see or read it to know what I'm talking about) and everybody ended up with whom they were supposed to. I hate it when everbody dies. Or when things just don't work our the way they are supposed to. Take it from me, I like twists and turns and surprises, but in the end the guy is supposed to end up with the girl that he's supposed to and everything is supposed to be right in the world. That's probably one of the problems that I had with the Matrix Revolutions. Now if you haven't seen it and want to (though why you'd want to do that, I don't know) then you need to stop reading now.

***********SPOILER ALERT***************

Now, the rest you still there? Now, back to the point... THAT MOVIE SUCKED!!! I mean, geez! How could you bring us this far, make us care about all these characters, and then give us nothing! NOTHING!!! I feel like everything I am has been for naught. Seriously, Wachowskis', what were you thinking? And don't you naysayers sit around and say things like, 'Well, maybe they didn't want to give you everything tied up neatly with a bow around it at the end.' I'm not talking about a freakin' bow! I'm talking about the smallest, simplest bit of resolution! I don't want to leave the theater with more questions than when I went in, and none of my previous questions answered. I payed my 5 or 6 bucks! I deserve more than that! Ahem. Anyway, you understand where I'm coming from. Even if the ending is going to suck for all of those involved, just a little bit of plot resolution. That's all I'm asking. Throw me a bone. Seriously, Wachowskis' I won't tell anybody.


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