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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Wasted Talent

There are not a lot of things that I hate in this life. Even less have a good, solid meaning behind them. But when it becomes so all consuming as to deviate me from the goals that I see in front of me, well, that's when I start to take offense. I can't do anything about where I am. In fact, I like it here. Perhaps that not good enough, but well, for me, it is. Somehow, I come to feeling insecure, and that's just not a feeling that I can deal with. It's not anything in particular. Like, one thing or another. So as to putting my finger on that gut feeling, well, I can't rightly say it's in my power to do so. In fact, as random as it is, I try not to be a party to it. But there starts to be a rumbling in my spirit and all of a sudden, that hate springs up anew, like Old Faithful, or Mt. Vesuvius. It's not just the fact that I'm seperate from the ways and workings that I see going on around me, it's just I feel like I wasn't privvy to all those specific goings on. I get the feeling that there's more out there, and I'm willing to work for it, but I just don't plain like it. In fact, I hate it.


Blogger Marlewen said...

Hatred is a good emotion. Well, not a "good" emotion...but it's good to feel it from time to time...good to let out...in a healthy mannor ^^;

7:58 PM  
Blogger Terri D. said...

And so I write. Yeah, you are correct ma'am.

10:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Doughbaby,

That was heavy. Oh, and the PETA thing is so true! I know, I know...I should answer each posting accordingly; but I'm lazy. Anyway, the depiction they received on South Park is a really close look at how their organization is. Worried about the well being of an animal above a human being. I could see myself loving my dogs more than SOME humans; but loving animals more than humans as a whole? Naw.


6:07 PM  

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