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Friday, July 11, 2008

A Study in the Global Economic Marketplace

Yeah, yeah, quit your baby whining. I know I didn't post the story. I was there. Something came up. And went back down if you get my drift! Wink, wink; nudge, nudge. No, seriously, I was just sitting around. Meanwhile, I have the story, but I just haven't posted it yet, cause I've got to fix some things, and I just haven't felt like doing it. Call it lazy, call it, um, lazy. But, here's how things get done: when you do them. And I certainly haven't felt like getting any of that on my hands for sometime now. Anyway, I could write on and on about how lazy I am (seriously, I have one essay, it's up to about 86 pages now, well it would be if I wasn't so LAZY), but I have something else to discuss:

People who know me, know that sometimes I like to take diversions into the land of the purely cerebral and put my mind to work in the logical pursuits. I'm not a great logical mind, but I do have several philosophical and moral issues I've been lolling around, and I have a deep seeded love of politics that guides a lot of my serious conversations. Anyway, I will posit to you a situation and would love a response. There is a small businessman who has created and cultivated one of the foremost confectioners manufacturers in the world. The entrepreneur who I will now refer to as Mr. W, is an American, and raised with a fine sense of democracy, capitalism and good old American freedom. His company (which may or may not have been started in the States), has its' headquarters in England, perhaps a small manufacturing community that I will call X. Many in the community are poor, hardworking people, who usually by the time of their retirement, have to be bedridden for the rest of their lives. There is a small immigrant population (mostly Americans), who live in abject poverty, while some in the community live in seeming comfort. Mr. W is well aware of this situation, and when he builds his factory, it is inhabited by many in the community. However, after interference for a competitor (Company Y), Mr. W is forced to shut down his factory in X to outside labor. This venture capitalist, this titan of manufacturing then proceeds to outsource his jobs to minimum wage foreign workers (Worker Z). Worker Z's fill the community, more than likely taking valuable commadities from the habitants of X and causing rapid inflation and other negative socioeconomic indicators. Unbeknownst to the people of X, their crime rate has gone up, and property values have gone down, as Worker Z's move in next door, but not up front, no, in cellars and attics so as not to be seen. Living 20 and 30 to a one room dwelling. Mr. W, fearing a backlash from an increasingly fearful and angry public, invites several members of the public to tour his facility, hoping that this will assuage public fears. However, during the tour there are serveral industrial accidents that cause more confusion than hope. They are not fatal, but could have been easily.

So, there you have it. What is the fate of X? That little berg that so captured our hearts? I don't know, but this situation is certainly the interrelation of countries, people, and cultures, and shows us what happens when the market becomes anybodys guess.

Coming soon: My review of Get Smart (I know, I'm late), that story I promised, and maybe a podcast! Cheer up, Charlie!


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