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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Make Everybody Twins OR Electric Toilet

So, I saw Baby Mama a couple of hours ago, and this is what I do, I go see a movie and then nine times out of ten go tell you to go see it, this is what I do. Actually, while we're on the subject, don't go rent One Missed Call. It's basically the aborted fetus of the Ring. But with 100% less sympathy. Seriously, I saw this horrific masterjunk the other day, literally wanted to claw my eyes out. It was exactly the ring, except with a cell phone, and more stupidity. Listen, I know that people tell you go see this movie, don't go see that one, but seriously, don't go see this movie. You'll go to Blockbuster (yeah, right), or you'll start lining up your movie queue and you'll think, "Terri couldn't have meant all she said about One Missed Call. Aborted Fetus? Yeah, right!". And then you'll rent it and somebody could end up dead, and THAT'S WHAT I'M TRYING TO AVOID PEOPLE!!!! So, please, don't go see it, it's basically a terrible movie. (Another digression) I used to say that stuff was 'the worst movie ever'. Like, "Don't go see Starsky and Hutch, that's the worst movie ever!" (I dunno if that's true, I've never seen it). But then, I saw the worst movie ever, and you know what? I've never found a movie worse. And I've seen some bad ones. One Missed Call for instance. Anyway, Baby Mama is not on that list because it was hilarious and I loved it. You probably already know the plot, yeah? Tina Fey plays this slightly uptight, career oriented woman who wants to have a baby, but can't because PC doesn't like her uterus. (Don't get that sentence, watch a TV for crying out loud!) Anyway, so here comes Amy Poehler, a less than classy lady who can't stop getting pregnant. Let the hilarity ensue! Seriously, it does. It couldn't have been a more generic formula, but it actually worked. Tina and Amy have this kind of closeness (they're close friends in real life), that makes it easy for you to see the kindred spirit that both of their characters share. It doesn't seem to far fetched when they start hanging out and getting to like each other. The only problem I had with the main characters is that while Tina's character is pretty fleshed out, Amy's character seems a little flat. You never really know her motivation, and apart from being a 'baby mama' she doesn't seem to have anything else going on in her life. Meanwhile, the side characters really make this movie hilarious. I mentioned John Hodgeman as her fertility doctor, Steve Martin as her hilariously offbeat, new age boss, Sigourney Weaver as a smug but knowledgeable fertility doctor, and Dax Shepherd as Amy's no good boy friend. Sure this movie is a little formulaic with an ending that you can see coming from a mile away, but it is darn funny. The jokes come fast and hard, and you know what? I spent the greater time in the theater laughing my butt off. So, on Terri's Scale O Movies with 0 being Doo Brown 2: Electric Boogaloo, and 10 being the Matrix and the Matrix Reloaded, I'd have to give this movie a 7. It was funny in all the right places, and I think that it was paced very well. So, go see it, if you will. At the very least, don't see One Missed Call.

"She's expecting."
"Expecting what, a social security check?"
Tina's character to Amy's character about Sigourney Weaver's latest pregnancy.

**Don't take it badly that I can't remember anybody's character's names. I just know them all so well as their real life counterparts, it was hard to think of them as anything else.


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