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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Think of the Sweetest Thing that Anyone Has Ever Said to You...

Before I begin my review of the Sara Bareilles concert I saw last night, I should tell you that she and I are now best friends, because we had a moment. It went as follows: There was this drunk girl who was hassling the B-roni because she had given the pick she used on her guitar away. So, Sare-bear was all like, "I'm sorry, I don't have anything to give you, I gave it away already." And she seemed so sad, and I was like, "Don't worry about it Sara, you give us music, which is the greatest gift of all." Sappy, I know, but I said it, and meant it. Then she was all like, "Awww, that's the sweetest thing ever." Then somebody in the back asked what I said, and Dare to Bare said, "Think of the sweetest thing that anybody ever said to you, and that's what she just said." I mean, my goodness, doesn't that just touch your heart? Seriously it was nice, and I was happy that I could give her a nice moment on the second to last show of her "Two Weak Tour". Meanwhile this is supposed to be a review of the show, and if you've been reading this blog you know that I've already given a glowing review of her album,"Little Voice", so, this shouldn't stray too far from that, right? Wrong. Wrong. Compared to this, that was an impersonal, sterilized, standoffish affair, that barely constituted as a endorsement. So, needless to say this was a great concert. I will, however, separate this review into three parts. One for each of the acts, so not to confused you. There were three acts at the Neighborhood Theater last night, which was sold out for the show. It was general admission, so we all had to stand up to enjoy the show. It didn't matter much because I would have been standing for the whole show anyway, no matter. Anyway, the show kicked off at 8 with David Ford.

1)David Ford
I'm gonna be honest here: I'd never actually heard of either David Ford or Rachel Yamagata before the show, but you grow and learn, and get Luvs, and that's what I did. David is an Englander with a really great voice and some smooth moves on his musical machine. He played a couple of songs, and played the piano, and generally knocked the ball out of the park. I would give him an A. I can't really comment that much on him, and I took a picture, but it totally sucked cause my camera is terrible. So, I'll include a picture that I found on the Internet of him.

2) Rachel Yamagata
Like I said before, I'm not really aware of Rachel Yamagata's music, but I can say that I really enjoyed her part of the show. The music was good, and she sang some old songs and new ones, as well as informing us of her new album. I cheered because her good songs were really good. I'm definately thinking about getting her album, so she made the right impression on me.

3) Bareilles Island
I thought this whole, coming-up-with-funny-puns-about-Sara-Bareilles'-name would be funny, but I think the well is getting a little dry, so I'm going to start now. Anyway, it started with a completely pitch black theater, and the Beatles playing ('All You Need Is Love'). Sara and the band walked out on the stage, and the show began. I cannot tell you how awesomely great she sounds live. I mean, you'd think that it couldn't get much better, but oh it does. She plays so well, and the crowd was just so entirely amped to see her, which made her more excited to play. I think that some people, near the end of their tours, they get a little down, and bored, and homesick, so their shows aren't as great as they could be. You didn't get that from her. She seemed genuinely happy and excited to be playing which made us enjoy the show even more. She played most of the songs from the album, including 'Love Song', and my favorite 'Morningside', and did some covers. She sang a new song 'August Moon', which I absolutely loved, and have a feeling I will love on the new album (whenever that comes out). For most of the songs she played the piano, but played guitar on one song. I was all a-like, "Shred It, Bareilles!", but she said she really only knew three chords, but that's where we all start out. She played Oh Darlin' which I know only in passing, and then surprisingly enough she sang, for an encore, Genie in a Bottle, on a real live piano, which made me wonder who told her that was a real song, for piano and everything. It was certainly a great cover, and I've included a clip of it. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that it was me who was screaming semi-repetitively into the camera. I let my excitement get ahold of me. My bad. Anyway, you can mostly hear it, so that's good. Anyway, the concert was awesome, and if you haven't bought 'Little Voice', I certainly recommend it. So, on Terri's Scale-O-Concerts with 10 being every Dixie Chicks concert I've ever been to, and 0 being that concert I fell asleep at that one time, this one gets a 9.5. I even got a set list, which was nice.

Sara will be back in town with James Blount in June or something, but they're going to be playing at this big venue, and I don't like James Blount, so I think I'll be okay. I'll go to see her again when she's headlining, and it'll be better for everybody.


Blogger Henning said...

Just saw that little thingy you got at the bottom of your site (I dont uselly look so far down but I felt lucky to day and boy o' boy!) You're a Xena fan to? Woman of my dreams... (now did I mean Xena or Terri now? I'll leave that up to you, the reader)
And (not that it got something with nothing to do) I just returned from the U S of A where I just tasted my first hash browns. It was good, but a bit dissepointing seeing as it didnt taste (or look) nothing like brownies or had any drug in it whatsoever.
And I was suprised over the amount of people asking 'Where are you from?' and saying 'Ah...' while they really mean 'I dont know where that is' when I reply 'Norway'.

Up the ass indeed

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