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Thursday, April 03, 2008

My South

So, there used to be this channel called Turner South, and it was awesome. Like it was geared towards people in the south, but not the racist kind, like the awesome, friendly, good cooking-y, flea market going-y kind. Anyway, I used to watch it all the time, and they had great shows, like home makeover shows, and tons of cooking shows, and they have this show called "Junkin' ". And on Junkin, Val and this other dude would go across the south to different flea markets and buy random and awesome stuff that you can only find at flea markets. This was pretty much the best show ever about flea markets. There were other shows, like Major Dad and stuff, and I used to watch this channel pretty much all the time. Then one day, it just disappeared. Vanished to be replaced by some sports channel. I was pretty bummed about all this, even though Junkin' still came on, because I loved those cooking shows too that got cancelled. But I thought I was going to be okay, because Junkin' was still going strong. Then they cancelled that too! I was so frickin' peeved off. It's like on Dinner and a Movie on TBS when they took Anabelle off. It wasn't Paul and some lady, it was Paul and Anabelle! Anyway, so, it just gets on my nerves when those big time studio execs just buy and then cancel whole channels. Like, TechTV. TechTV was the greatest nerdy invention since the remote controlled R2D2. It had great original programming, including a Conspiracy show, something about sex and technology, Call for Help which was a show that you could actually call to get computer help from, and XPlay, which was pretty much an awesome review show that couldn't be ruined. Guess what G4 did when they bought it? It wasn't enough that they fired all the people who knew anything about gaming or computers, and they hired buxom babes who could look cute in front of a camera. I thought I could take that, until they starting shifting focus from the nerds that made the network what it was, and started catering more and more to frat guys who spend all day playing Halo and crushing beer cans against their foreheads. Don't get me wrong: I don't have anything against Halo, I play it myself, but there's a limit. Anyway, it all went downhill for me when they started playing the Man Show, and another show dedicated entirely to drift racing. If they were going to make a network like that, they should have known that it wouldn't appeal to the original audience of TechTV, so there wouldn't even be any competition. But instead, they chose to buy it out and crush everything awesome out of every vein that was left in TechTV. And the viewers for crushed in the process. Now, back to the original point of this post: The message board that used to have articles about the flea markets visited on Junkin' has even been taken down, so I can't even find info online about this once great show. I wonder if people in charge even hear what viewers are saying, or if they just do whatever they want regardless. They must have taken a page out of Dick Cheney's book.


Blogger Marlewen said...

No, yeah, totally. SciFi is notorious for this. Case in point: The Dresden Files.


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