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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Doris Day is Still Alive?!?!?

Like, you know how somebody dies, and you were like, they were still alive? Okay, I just found out that Doris Day is still alive and I wanted to get the word out before she died, and everybody was forced to ask that question. Seriously, I totally thought she had been dead for years, and I guess that's kind of a terrible thing to say, but she was popular in, like, black and white movies, so I kinda assumed that she was pretty old and, well. Anyway, I'm sorry Miss Day. I dunno if I mentioned this, but she's also my cousin. Maybe. Anyway, so, she's really awesome and made tons of great movies and could sing and was pretty kick-ass, and she's still alive. Just so you know. Anyway, she was also just mentioned at the Grammy's for some, like, I dunno, lifetime music achievement or something, I didn't watch it, but the point is: She's not only still alive, she's making moves. So, this is kind of like a public service announcement. Doris Day is still alive, aaaaand she's probably right behind you, right now. So, don't turn around.


Blogger Henning said...

You liked that, didnt you? And imagine, I dedicated it to you.
And I spent alot of time making those pictures, you can hardly see its been tampered with.

4:45 PM  
Blogger Under Thy Tongue said...

Omg. I love Doris Day. She's only, like 83, which, you know, is old, but not super-death-looms-behind-you-bed-ridden-you've-seen-the-beginning-of-the-world kinda old. She's got at the very least a good ten years left in her. I feel like. She must have a stellar diet.

3:21 PM  

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