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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Put the Lime in the Coconut...

That's an example of a title that I spent two seconds thinking about because I didn't have anything that went with my post. Anyway, so, like two years ago or something, I wrote a post about fanboys and why they suck, which you can read here. Basically I was bashing fanboys, and they're terrible, and I mention all that in the article. It's mostly a guy thing, which I discussed a few posts ago. I was looking back through the way back machine and caught a comment that I haven't even seen until now from a friend of mine.

[...] I don't understand. You call yourself a fangirl; but from what I understand I wouldn't want to be a fan anything.Fanboy, boi, girl, gal...it's all really bad. [...]

And this would stand to reason, if you (A) are dumb, so nyah and (B) thinking that fanboys and fangirls are the same. You see the fan is the same, we all get that, we all speak English, but the boy and girl, well those are the most important differences. Without the boy and girl, yeah, you're just dealing with a fan. Fans are neutral, they can be lame or awesome, this is something that can come or go. But when you add boy to it, you get a rabid devotee, who is in constant competition to be right, and number one at everything. As I discussed before, that's one of the many arenas where women and men are totally different. Now, first let me define what I mean by fangirl, and distinguish between a fangirl and a RaiF. Wikipedia has this to say on the subject of fangirls: The term fangirl, while similar, often carries slightly different connotations. The term fangirl is often applied to any enthusiastic female fan, regardless of obsessive qualities or not, and is often used with overtones of "teenybopper". And dealing with RaiFs: RaiF stands for Rabid Fangirl, and it really just means a female fanboy. The fact that there is a distinction between the women who deal in fanboyishness and general fangirls is important.

Fangirls are just better. The reasons are numerous, but here are a few: they're just not as intense as the guys. This doesn't mean that they don't like their show/movie/actor/anime/etc., it just means that they accept different points of view, criticism, and suggestions. This is not to say that all fangirls are like this, but by that time, you're in RaiF territory. Fangirls are more mature (just because girls are usually more mature than guys), and though they squee and glomp from time to time, but they're generally more mellow. Like I said before, not true for all women, that's when you're a RaiF. Fangirls aren't perfect, and can get upset if you're dissing their favorite thing, but you're usually a fanboy troll who's come to stir the pot and cause trouble. It's an insult to be called a fanboy. I don't mind being a fangirl, it's actually a badge I wear with pride. Like geek, I take it as a symbol that I care for something deeply to write fanfiction, make flanvids, and stick up for it. It might not be the key to making millions of dollars, but it makes me happy. Sometimes fangirls spend time on frivolous things, but if you do it right, it's a nice place to be.


Blogger Henning said...

I'm so looking forward to that comic. I hope it will be as funny as allways, and more sexy! Yes!

6:09 PM  
Blogger Under Thy Tongue said...

lol. hilarious. a whole nother post about fanboys. What smart person doesn't know the difference between fanboys and fangirls??? You do it right, Terri. You do it right. Although, sometimes....

11:16 PM  

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