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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Pants, Just Pants

All about yourself...the survey.

All about yourself...
First name?:: Terri
Middle name?:: Nathine Frances
Like your name?:: I don't like having two.
Named after anyone?:: My grandmother and my mom's best friend.
Any nicknames?:: Tinka, Tinkerbell
Age?:: 24
Birthdate?:: April 19
Birthplace?:: Charlotte, NC
Time you were born?:: I dunno, don't remember.
Current location?:: Huntersville, NC
Height?:: 5' 4"
Like your height?:: Wish I was a little bit taller, wish I was a baller...etc.
Eye color?:: Brown
Contacts/glasses?:: Nope
Hair color?:: Black
Natural hair color?:: Black
Dye your hair often?:: Never.
Righty or lefty?:: Righty, and proud of it!

Your favorite...
Type of music?:: Everything. No really, everything.
Band or singer?:: The Dixie Chicks, the White Stripes, Jay-Z. See, I told you everything.
TV show?:: Xena, Firefly, Farscape, Heroes, Dexter
Movie?:: The Matrix, The Mummy, Gladiator
TV channel?:: Scifi, Showtime
Radio station?:: Majic 93.1, NPR
Place to be?:: Beijing, China
Thing to do?:: Hanging out with friends, playing music
Food?:: Egg Rolls
Non alcoholic drink?:: Cheerwine
Alcoholic drink?:: Don't Really
Animal?:: The Liger, or the Reticulated Python.
Holiday?:: My birthday
Season?:: Spring (not too hot, not too cold)
Sport?:: (to play) Tennis, (to watch) EPL Football
Place to shop?:: EB Games, or some other geeky place, maybe Wal-Mart (you can find anything there!!!)
Clothing brand?:: lol, is Wal-Mart a brand?
Scent?:: Asphalt after a storm
Restaurant?:: Is Wal-Mart a restaurant?
Fruit?:: Bananas or Oranges
Vegetable?:: Carrots or Broccoli
Fast food restaurant?:: Wendy's
Pizza topping?:: Pepperoni (unoriginal, but delicious)
Ice cream flavor?:: Cookie Dough
Magazine?:: Entertainment Weekly or Discover
City?:: Charlotte, NC
Color?:: Purple
Number?:: 86

This or that...
Chocolate or vanilla?:: Vanilla
Pepsi or coke?:: Pepsi (and I can taste the difference!)
Hot or cold?:: Hot (just right for snuggling)
Black or white?:: Black (always bet on black)
Dog or cat?:: I love them both too much to choose. Or ferret.
French toast or pancakes?:: French Toast.
French fries or onion rings?:: Fries. I hate onions.
Hamburger or hot dog?:: Hamburger. I refuse to eat anything phallic. Unless it's wrapped in a delicious cornbread based shell.
Pepperoni or sausage?:: Pepperoni. Didn't we already go over this?
Britney or Christina?:: Christina, definately.
McDonalds or Burger King?:: Both are disgusting, but if there was a gun to my head. Mickey D's.
50 Cent or Eminem?:: Eminem (he's just a consistantly more solid lyricist).
Canada or Mexico?:: Mexico. Canada is America's hat.
Hug or kiss?:: Hug, I'm just weird that way.
Movies or TV?:: Movies. Nothing like the experience.
Truth or dare?:: Truth, always, cause I'm lazy.

Do you...
Shower daily?:: Of course, eww.
Sing in the shower?:: Yeah, loudly.
Like to sing?:: Love to, but I kinda suck at it.
Like to dance?:: Love to, but see previous answer.
Smoke?:: Sometimes, like once or twice a year.
Drink?:: Nope.
Cuss?:: Negatory.
Talk to yourself?:: All the time. Almost to an odd degree.
Believe in yourself?:: Um? Yes?
Play an instrument?:: Yeah, guitar, drums, anything else I can try.
Go to school?:: Yeppers, doing pretty well, and ready to gradiate.
Go to college?:: See previous answer.
Have a job?:: No, but working on it.
Like your job?::
Want to get married?:: One day.
Want to have kids?:: One day.
Get along with your parents?:: Sometimes.
Get along with your siblings?:: Sometimes.
Drive?:: Yes.

Do you think you're trustworthy?:: Yes.
Think your funny?:: Yes.
Ever toilet papered someones house?:: Nah, that stuffs too hard to get out.
Gone garbage can tipping?:: No, that's lame.
What are your parents names?:: Wayne and Cyndy
Siblings names?:: Brian, Drew, Maddy, DK
Do you wash your hands frequently?:: Not really, only when I'm about to cook, or when I've been to the bathroom.
How many time a day do you brush your teeth?:: Twice.
Collect anything?:: Nope.
Ever been in love?:: I thought so, turned out not to be.
In love right now?:: Yeah, right, like I'd tell the quiz that.
What color pants are you wearing right now?:: Grey.
How does your hair look?:: Braids.
Ever had your heartbroken?:: No, thank goodness.
Ever broken the law?:: Depends on what you mean by 'breaking the law' and 'ever' and 'is'.
Been arrested?:: No way, my mom would beat me.
Been out of the country?:: Yeah, a couple of times.
Can you stick your fist in your mouth?:: Yikes, I wouldn't even want to try.
When was the last time you got drunk?:: About two years ago.
Do you do drugs?:: No way, hugs not drugs!
When was the last time you were high on anything?:: Does high on life count?
Do you prefer the lights on or off?:: Off, can't go to sleep any other way. Unless I've just seen the Exorcist. Or read my Conspiracy Theory book.
Would you ever get plastic surgery?:: No way.
Do you prefer boxers or briefs?:: Boxers.
Do you like to laugh?:: I love to laugh. Loud and long and clear, the more I laugh the more it gets worse every year.
Ever had a bloody nose?:: I got them all the time when I was a kid, less now, but sometimes.
Have you ever caught a fish?:: Never.
What was the last thing you ate?:: An undercooked hambuger.
What time do you go to bed?:: Later and later every year.
What's your favorite color?:: I thought we went over this one already.
Do you like to give or recieve?:: Give, wait receive. Wait. What are we talking about here?
Are you obsessed with anything/anyone?:: Brendan Fraser, the Dixie Chicks, Chinese.
Do you live alone?:: I wish.
Do you own a blender?:: Why? Need to get rid of a body?
Do you like the snow?:: When there's not too much of it.
Ever been up a mountain?:: Yep, and snowboarded (fell) down.
Ever been rootin'?:: What?
Do you like surprises?:: Not that kind.

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You wish you were 5'4", you and your pigmy friend Harley...


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