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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Happy Day of the Ninja!!!

I bet you didn't even know that it was the day of the ninja, did you? Because like the awesome ninja, it sneaks up unannounced, and you only know it's there when you look down and notice your throat is cut. And that is the beauty of this holiday, my friends. However, let us not forget the beauty and awe-inspiring wonder that is the ninja, and how could you with this wonderful picture:

Think Ninja, indeed.
Go here to find out more.

**Also, my MP3 might not be quite right yet. I'm still taking donations for a new one. (hint, hint)


Blogger Under Thy Tongue said...

I'd like to donate $.25 to your cause.
Also, "full of viruses" was totally funny. But I like pirates, and while I'm not saying that they're better than ninjas, I just can't get behind the pirate bashing, so...

2:06 PM  

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