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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Blog: The Greatest Hits

So, I've been thinking, and I wanted to do kind of a special thing to kick off my fourth official year in the blog business. I mean, I've written a lot of posts about a lot of different topics, and while i've always been satisfied with my work, I haven't always been proud of it. So, I want to present to you all some of what I consider my favorite work, posts and pictures, for your immediate perusal. I'm pretty sick right now, suffering from what I think is the flu, or something, but I didn't want to let this month go by without some new postings. In the coming week I plan to do two book reviews, which should be gravy, as well as another excerpt from something I'm writing, hopefully not so long as the post before this one.

Enjoy such hits as My First Blog
Written on a warm, summer afternoon, I was just getting into the game with my first post. Going back, it's not very interesting, though it is short, so I got that right. As far as introducing me it does some very important things: I'm a geek, I listen to NPR, I love Brendan Fraser. What else do you really need to know about me? Other than the fact that I love the Dixie Chicks? Nothing, that's what, nothing.

Then groove to the soul stylings of What Kind Part 1 and Part 2
This is a real thing, that really happened and it really happened the way that I said. Well, maybe not exactly. I think that nothing happens the way that writers describe it. They add a motion and fluidity and clarity to the actions that weren't there before. They add perspective, and a message. The moment happened without all that, but this essay really helped me get to the bottom of it.

Party Hardy to The List to End All
So, these are the obvious reasons that you should be reading my blog on a regular basis. And they make sense don't they? Yes, they do. Trust me, you don't have to go back and read it.

Rock out to the contemporary melody of Here We Are
I remember writing this after Bush won the presidency the second time. Wow. That seems like a lifetime ago, but what I felt that night still holds true, and hasn't ever been more truly spoken (by me).

Bring it downtown with a mellow Celtic jig in Luck of the Irish
So, this is me describing the best Disney TV movie ever, Luck of the Irish. It just goes to highlight how much of a dork I truly am, better than almost any post on this list.

Bring back old school memories with Hamlet 2: Electric Boogaloo
So, I technically don't think there's a Hamlet 1, but that's never stopped me before. This is where the whole Electric Boogaloo thing started, which was big for me around that time. Add electric boogaloo to practically anything, and I thought it was funny. Actually, I kinda still do.

Rock out with your frock out to She's Got It... Your Pistol 2.... Elec-Ah Forget It
Other than being one of my longest titles. Ever. I got to give you all some information that might help your life, which is something that I don't do often enough. I would change that, but, yeah, I'm lazy.

Smooth out your Levi's and get pumping to My Dixiechickaversary!
So, yeah, you can tell I'm just writing some words for these now, huh? Anyway, this is the very first time that you felt my love for the ladies at full force, and I do totally think they're awesome, so, yeah.

Ask What the F*&% with ?????????
I dunno how many question marks there are, but I did my best. This was a heartfelt post about who knows what. It really didn't come from anywhere, but I do appreciate the comments I got on them. I didn't read them until like a year later cause I was worried what people would say.

What's Love Got to Do with It? This I Believe
Yeah, wow, I am running low on these, in the home stretch now, I think. Anyway, this is taking much longer than I expected. This is a very important thing for me, emphasizing what I believe, which is important to me, so we won't have any misunderstandings.

**There are tons more, but I think this is a long enough post, considering the damage I did on the last one, so I'll leave the rest until a later date, and give you time to cruise all the hits of terri's cellar door. Operators are standing by.


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