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Thursday, September 09, 2004

What Kind Pt. 2

Nigger, it is a hateful word, with a terrible history, but when I heard it, I was rushed headlong into a time not so long ago. Where people who were separated by something as trivial as skin color, and persecuted because of it. It made me feel helpless and hopeless. It made me believe that nothing had changed at all.

Then as quickly as it had gathered, my anger was gone. I could almost laugh. I thought about the white people that I had known in my life. Not all were kind, not all were nice, but still not all were mean. Then I thought of all the black people that I had known in my life. Not all were kind, not all friendly, and certainly not all were looking out for other blacks. I thought of my friends from different ethnicities and cultures. I thought of one of my best friends, Lauren, whose family has practically adopted me, whose mother has always treated me just like one of her own, and who happens to be white. There are plenty of experiences in my life where I’ve met helpful and evil people, of all races. Sure, not all of our problems will be solved, and of course race has separated us, not only visually, but culturally. Sure, I could take this one guy hanging out of his car, and make a decision to never interact with a white person for the rest of my life, and hate those people, and work against anything they have in mind. Or, I could just hate one bozo, who hung his juvenile head out of his friend’s car and said some really, really hateful things. I think I’ll stick with the latter.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's sad that this had to happen to you. But it's better to have learned, then to have stayed naive. And as long as people continue to hate because of skin tone then it's a necessity to impose laws such as affirmative action. If people really did look at people for credentials and skill, even kindness then we (as a people) wouldn't have to slap employers or colleges hands and say, "Now, now give a "colored man" a chance." I know I went off the subject of your ordeal, but before reading your blog I read something that said we should abolish affirmative action; we should abolish it. But as soon as people (like the jerk who called you such an arcaic, ugly word)stop hating other people because of the shade of skin they poses.

9:46 AM  

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