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Friday, September 03, 2004

Homestar Runner

If you're into anything weird, or like funny stuff, that's funny just because it's funny, then you should check out www.homestarrunner.com It's literally the funniest site that I've been to in a while, and I go all over the Internet on a daily basis. There is this guy called StrongBad and he's is just all kinds of funny. He's like Futurama funny, or even Family Guy funny. They are all in little cartoons, and StrongBad answers e-mail, and there are games and stuff. Homestar Runner is a character, too. And there are others, all varying degrees of funiness. Like whenever I ever see Homsar, I just double over in laughter. Just go to the site, and you'll see what I'm talking about. I think that cartoons can be funny in ways that normal shows can't. Like, can you see a live-action Family Guy? It just wouldn't work. There'd would be a problem of mechanics, some things, which are hilarious, just couldn't be done with real people. So, in essence is chopped in half right there. Of course, any attempts at a talking baby would end in disaster. Anybody remember that talking baby show with Joely Fischer? I didn't think so.


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