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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Photos from the set

Well, if you didn't know, principle photography has wrapped on the Mummy 3, and that just means that they've finished with the bulk of the shooting. I was still hoping that Rachel would get back in on that, but sometimes. Anyway, here are some pictures that I got from over at IGN, if you couldn't tell from the huge IGN watermark on every single one. I was excited to see Jet Li and Michelly Yeoh involved in this project, which, if you've ever read this blog before, in combination with Brendan Fraser would have been much more than enough to let me die happy. I mean, Bren is my fave male actor, Shelly my fave female. So, there's not much more to do beyond that. If only Rache had been in it, as my second fave female actress, and Elijah Wood, it would have been the quin-fecta, and I would certainly have had that geek-gasm that would have lead to my immediate expiration. Anyway, so here are the pics. Bren looks particularly tasty in that wool coat, and Michelle looks as glamorous and regal as ever. They're so awesome.

** The best thing about Bren making a big budget thing like this is all the press he has to do for it. He'll be on every talk show when this is coming out telling funny stories, and talking about his kids. It makes one want to start their own chat show, just so he'll come talk to me. Them. You. Anyway, I will be taping all of his and Shelly's upcoming interviews, so if you want copies, you might want to start begging now.


Blogger Marlewen said...

I love how in the next to last picture...there's that beautiful teal/seafoam dress- worn with like, some Brauma work boots XD That's my kinda style.

As for Brenden in that first pic...yah. If that jacket was a duster, one might confuse him for a character from Firefly. And that's hot.

6:46 PM  
Blogger Under Thy Tongue said...

oh my god it does kinda look like firefly! I can't wait to see this movie. I feel like it's gonna be awesome, but lacking a bit without Rachel.

12:01 AM  

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