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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Who Gives a F***?

Seriously. People from baseball (Bud Selig, some other bozos), are on Capitol Hill testifying before congress about steroids in baseball. My question here, for all you people to see, is who cares? I mean, there are people dying here and all over the world, kids don't have health care, and there are people still living in FEMA trailers in New Orleans, and yet the senators and congresspeople are filling their (short) days in congress with testimony on baseball. Baseball. The sport that could go jump into a lake and most of America could give a crap. Whatever, okay, okay, 'But, Terri, it's America's pastime!'. Yeah, so is being on Jerry Springer, and shaving your head and then having a mental breakdown. But these institutions can change. For years, baseball players have been getting paid to much money to stand around and then look amazed when Barry Bonds hits a home run. It's stupid. And this is not just true for baseball, pretty much every professional sport has this problem, and yet, baseball is the only sport getting validation on Capitol-freaking-Hill. Which is just a big, fat waste of time. Anyway, this is a lame waste of America's time.


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