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Thursday, January 24, 2008

No, What This Marriage Needs is One Less Husband!

I've lately been working on a Firefly 'flanvid', which is just a fan video with music and stuff, and I call it a 'flanvid', because Nathan Fillion one called us flans. Don't ask. Anyway, so this basically means that while I'm changing formats, and formatting changes, I watch alot of Firefly. I mean, a lot. And I watched a lot already. Side story: I had a dream thatthey made a new episode of Firefly, and I was watching it and got all excited cause that meant the show was uncancelled. Anyway, the topic post is a quote from the ep War Stories. Wash (the speaker), feels a little inadequate because Zoe (the speakee, and his wife), is holding things from him, in regard to his feelings. Now, let me give you a bit of background: Zoe is a capable woman. She's level headed, smart, forward thinking, and a thousand other things that would make me proud to have her in my corner. Joss wrote her that way. And yet what is it about Wash (and guys in general) that make them feel as though if their not the ones making the decisions, their less of a husband, and by extension, a man? This is something that goes back to the intrinsic difference between men and women. If you're a woman who's ever played a video game against a guy, and been better than that guy, you've noticed two things. A) Guys talk a lot of junk, and then when they beat you, talk even more. B) If you beat them, they are immediately silent. I'm pretty good at games. I mean, I'm not winning any competitions, but I'm middling, and this is better than some guys, so I've been in this posisition more than once, and am telling you just how it goes down. Women will let a guy win because his feelings are hurt. This is not true with all women. Some could truly care less (and the better you are, the more likely you are to feel that way), but sometimes, they'll throw them a bone and let them win. THIS IS NOT TRUE FOR THE OTHER SIDE!!! Unless a guy is trying to get into your pants he will never let you win, at anything. And this is also true if he's already gotten into your pants. So what makes guys so competitive? I dunno, but here's another example: If a wife finds out she's making more than her husband, what does she do? Well, probably not talk about it, and leave it be. Now, flip the script (I'll bet you haven't heard that since 1982), if a guy found out he was making more than his wife. Well, usually, that's what guys expect so, they'd just accept it as the norm. But what if a guy found out his wife was making more than him. He would FREAK out. Anyone who's ever had this happen to them knows that it's true. A guy who finds out he's earning less money than his wife will be in shambles, he'll think, that he's worth less in the relationship, and that now his wife has the run of him. Not taking into consideration that if they had a stable relationship, he didn't 'run' her when he was making the most money. I think it's because guys think they have to be the leader of their families, and in a relationship, the one who makes the decisions. If anything else happens, he feels that he's thrown off balance. This may be the sanest, nicest guy in the world, but throw a monkey wrench into his world order, and he's confused. Even if he's usually all about women's rights. This is a guy who thinks that he's sensitive and knows how women feel, but given a shift in power, he's completely helpless. Even in something as simple as a video game.

**I know this isn't true of all guys. Some would definitely be happy just mooching off of some woman for the rest of their lives, but especially if the relationship started one way, a lot of guys would be thrown for a loop if that changed.


Blogger Henning said...

Like... how much Firefly is it possible to watch? its like, what, 14 episodes? And a movie?
Kick ass show though! Yeah!

12:21 PM  
Blogger Under Thy Tongue said...

So, no, you're totally right. I can't even beat my dad without him getting mad and silently hating me! And I don't gloat when I win either, because I know it makes guys feel bad. Guys are sore winners and sore losers.
I'm glad you captured that.

I am Domino Harvey. And I am a bounty hunter.

4:14 PM  

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