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Monday, February 11, 2008

And Now for Something Completely Different...

After my recent post, I decided to post some pictures from some of my fave animes. The first is from Yakitate!! Japan. In the pic, Kuroyanagi a judge in the bread baking competition (don't ask, interesting, fun, and worth the watch, but really, don't ask), has threatened Kawachi and Kanmuri (the two pictured) that he will shave all the hair off their bodies if they speak once more while he is speaking. Kuro-chan is sensitive like that. The pale one, while he looks like a girl, is most certainly a boy, (but I don't know why he's covering up his chest. Is there something you want to tell us Kanmuri-kun?) and even though they are naked, it shouldn't bother you. The funniest thing to me is the expression on their faces.

This is my fave pic from the whole series, just because of the look on Kazuma-kun's face. It's just sooo adorable, and I love the afro.

The next pic is a series of two. They're both from Bleach. The first is what Ikkaku thinks when someone mentions his superior (Hitsugaya daicho) who looks like he should be in grade school, but certainly is not. The second is the expression Captain Hitsugaya has for Ikkaku when he breaks from his reverie.

I would have been scared too, if I was Ikkaku. And this is just a sexy picture of Simon Tam. Just thought I'd give something back to the community.


Blogger Henning said...

Objects in space. I'm I a lion?

And yes, it is he, the Chuckinator.

Do you like Robocop by any chance?

4:41 AM  

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