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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hurtful words in front of hidden strangers and a terse goodbye

Sometimes I hate people. Not black people or white people. Not mormons or scientologists. Not nazis and skinheads. All people. Like, every single solitary person who has ever walked the face of the earth. Every single solitary, slobbering, idiotic one of them. I don't become like that all the time just when I hear about really (pardon my language here) retarded people. Like this: There was this kid named Ryan White, who lived in Indiana. And he got AIDS from a blood transfusion and the stupid people at his stupid school refused to let him come to school. Like, just refused. Now granted, at the time, AIDS was a pretty unknown disease, but there was research done, and it said conclusively that you couldn't get AIDS from being in the same airspace as somebody, as you eating off a lunch tray they had two weeks ago, or from them delivering your newspaper. Like, and it just wasn't the way that t they banned this kid from school. It was the way they completely shut him down and wouldn't even let him come to class. I mean, he doesn't have to get in the pool, or even eat lunch to sit within three feet of your precious bundle of joy. Parents kept their kids out of school (which I'm sure the kids were just happy to get class off), and there was tons of legislation going on, all the while they were basically destroying the soul of this kid who already had a terrible disease. While I was reading it, I just wished that while he was alive I could have not only shaken this kid's hand, but gone up and given him a full fledged bear hug, and let him know that all people were awful, something I'm sure he learned once he moved to a new town. Sure, the parents were scared, but that's when you mobilize yourself and get to know the facts, and not be scared by blind fear. After awhile, I'm sure it just became a matter of principle, they had kept Ryan out of school that long, why not until senior year? Sometimes, I hate people.


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