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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Scooty Puff Jr. SUCKS!!!

In this article, here, the writer wonders why Christian Bale makes his voice so deep when he's Batman, and talks normally as Bruce Wayne. They talk to the long time voice of Batman in many venues, Kevin Conroy, who many will recognize as the true voice of Batman. I would like to note that I love the guy, and he certainly will always be the voice of Batman to me. Anyway, this is not some crazy secret, or something that is hard to understand. Unlike Clark Kent who seems to live in a universe of idiots who never have any suspicions, Bruce Wayne goes to great lengths to conceal his identity. He hides his voice because it will make it harder for people to identify him as Bruce Wayne. Duh. I mean, this whole stupid article, people acting like, "why, o, why does he make his voice sound like that?" Why is this not evident to people? I have no idea. People are dumb.

Anyway, this post isn't about that. And like so many of my posts, deviates from the first paragraph and moves on into uncharted territory. I hoped you enjoyed the story that I posted. I doubt that anyone read it, but I'm certainly going to keep plugging away at this thing. If there's anything I know how to do it's beat a dead horse. I'm working on another story now, and after taking some advice from Robert Heinlen, I hope to keep doing so for a long time. This post is actually about wrestling. Um, you wouldn't know this, because I'm pretty sure I've never mentioned it, but I love wrestling. Like, seriously. I've watched it for years, and being a girl that's really into wrestling hasn't really always worked to my favor, but I can't help it. I mean, there are these guys (half naked guys), stomping around the ring and grappling with each other. Ahem. Anyway, they're great athletes and I love watching it. The WWE (formerly WWF) took over all the shows years ago, and now my weeks wrestling watching consists of RAW on Mondays, ECW (sometimes) on Tuesday, and Smackdown on Friday. So, anyway, everything's scripted now and really cheesy, and I totally love it, and each show as a GM or General Manager who schedules matches and just basically either helps out the good guys and smashes the bad guys, or helps the bad guys and hinders the good guys. Anyway, RAW (which is the best show anyway) just got a new GM, and I was totally mad because I wanted it to be Stephanie McMahon, daughter of Vince McMahon, CEO of WWE. Instead, it's some random guy that I haven't even heard of before. See Steph was running around late 90's early 00's as the spoiled daughter of Vince, who basically could do anything she wanted and get away with it. She was sometimes a face, but mostly a heel, and the crowd loved to hate her. I'm kind of a sucker for powerful women, and I couldn't get enough. I mean, she was evil, and conniving, and brutal, but there was just something so real about her. She is certainly my favorite wrestler of all time, even though she only held the Women's Championship for a short time. She was GM for a while, and got in everybody's way, and it really was the perfect opportunity for her to become GM again. People are ready to forget about her and her reign as badass of the century, and she needs to come back just for a short time at least, to remind them how much she can crush them with a look. Plus she had great entrance music. All the greatest superstars do. I mean, think about it, a good superstar has to have music that's going to get people standing up and roaring in the stands. Without that, you're always just going to be mediocre. Anyway, I was really hoping she'd come back, and when she didn't, well, it hurt my feelings a little bit. Meanwhile, on a un-Stephanie, but pro wrestling related note; I'm totally ready to become GM of RAW. I mean, I know exactly what matches I want to see, and frankly, if I ever run out of ideas, I can just call my brother and he'll come up with something so off the wall it'll be a hit. If Vickie Guerrero can do it, so can I. Meanwhile, I've got the attitude, the ring presence, and I'd really, really, really, really like to. And, I could get into a little bit better shape, and actually get into the ring, capturing the women's title. Well, if I didn't have to face Beth Phoenix. I don't mind being a heel for a while, but my GM would be tough, but fair, and so concerned with keeping things even, she'd be will to work against the heels and the faces. I would be sooooo good at that. So, anyway, one day I hope to work for the WWE in some capacity, maybe starting as a writer, and working my way up. So, look for me out there people. Now, I've just got to come up with some good entrance music.

* I've taken a hint from Henning at The Magic Kingdom, and started splitting this thing up into paragraphs. You're welcome, peeps.
** I did the F U (a John Cena move) on my little brother, and I'm pretty sure I pulled a muscle in my shoulder.
*** What ever happened to Carlito? He was a great heel.


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I love that you take hints from a blog that you cant read, mine.

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