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Monday, November 01, 2004

Happy Halloween, Part 2

Well, I know that technically it isn't Halloween anymore, but I promised that I would finish up this review, and a promise is a promise, and while I'm not known for keeping my promises, I've figured, why not get you're expectations really high, only to dash them against the rocks later. Anyway, on to my final review The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Well, to start off it's the story ofthese kids who are on a cross country trip. It's the 70's, so everything is very, um, groovy. They're in this VW van, and the guys shirts look like they came out of a catalog called Inscense and Peppermints. Anyway, so it's this girl, Sally, her boyfriend, Jerry, her brother, Franklin, and her two friends, I don't remember their names. So, to make a long story short, they all(except for Sally) die. In various gruesome fashions, I might add. And it just goes to show you that if you're a teenager on a cross country trip and you come across a weird looking house, immediately go inside one by one and start talking in a loud voice. Because we need you all out of the gene pool. Sally has the hardest of it of all, because the inbred cretins (Leatherface the main killer among them) take a liking to her, and decide that grandpa should kill her. This is after she spent the good part of the night before being chased, screaming, though the woods by Leatherface and jumping out of several windows. So, she gets hit in the head a couple of times and then runs away again, and only after the assistance of the driver of a tractor trailer and another of a pick up truck does she *SPOILER ALERT!!* get away. I have to give her massive props for all the windows she jumps out of as well. So anyway, pretty good movie. Pretty dated, but okay. Several scary moments, no funny moments, and pretty good, if weird, characters. I'd say go check it out, if you're not really wanting to be scared, but want to have a good conversation about the drawbacks of marrying one's cousin.


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