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Monday, November 01, 2004

This is the Eve of a Great Moment...

This is a post that I wrote a long time ago and I thought that I should repost it in light of the fact that tomorrow is the day. I've already voted, but I really strongly suggest that if you're reading this tomorrow, or today, and you haven't voted yet, to get out there and do it. You're probably young, and most people don't think that your opinion counts for anything, but this year it can. Let's show America that the leaders of tomorrow are ready to take the reigns. So, please, please, please vote. I know that Brendan Fraser would want that.

Vote, Vote, Vote!
"This is just a reminder: Vote you guys! You have to vote. You have to express your right as an American. Sure, I can't stand Bush, but I don't care who you vote for as long as you vote. Saying that cuts me like a knife, but it's true. Some of us, women and African Americans, and people under the age of 21, didn't always have the right to vote, so make use of it. It's sad to see so few people voting. If you want to have some say in how your life in this country turns out, then you need to vote for someone who shares your views and values, and whoever that may be, get out there and vote for them."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got up @ 4:50 today just so I could start the day off right by voting a tyrant out of office. Little did I know that instead of being the first in line I was the 18th!


p.s.You should read the "fish live" email. A guy that saw "The Grudge" said that he was finished with Japanese movies for life. It scared him so much that he refuses to go to theater anymore.

I gotta see it! Oh, and I saw "Ringu," it was funny! He didn't suffocate the girl and then throw her in the well. He unleashed some inner demons on the back of her head! It was hilarious.

1:10 PM  

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