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Sunday, May 22, 2005

I'm Sophistocated Fun...

So, long time no see. Seriously, you look great. Anyway, so you're probably wondering about my weird absence. Or not, you know whatever. As we speak (which is about 12:30 in the morning) I am working on an anime music video. It's from a series that I enjoy called 'Bleach', and it's starring a fuzzy little cutie named Kon. This is the third night in a row that I've been up with the little fella, but if I want to finish this before Animazement (which is like five days away), I'm definately going to have to burn the midnight oil. Not to mention that I've a new job that stars on Monday, woah boy, look out, I'm going to be low on sleep and high on caffiene. That won't be the best combination. But I'm going to be putting up the good fight, because I can't wait for Animazement this year. It's going to be so much fun because my friend Tiffany is going to be making an appearance. She's totally cool, and totally fun, and I love the heck out of her. So, that's my packtastic week. Plus we're getting the floor in our kitchen done so we can't go in there. I'm starving! Well, there will be plenty of updates before we leave and I'll make sure to post an action packed, Tiffany-filled, Animazement recap on Tuesday. Why Tuesday? Because after spending three whole days watching anime, with about 45 minutes of sleep for the whole weekend... Well, anybody would be a little pooped. So, until then, or later in the week, wehn I post again. I just realized that I love commas.


Blogger England said...

"...and yes I flaunt it!"

Ha! I know where you got that line from! Ciara's 1, 2 Step. And yes, Animazement is going to be a blast (even though you didn't include us in your description of fun-filled Animazement plans). I'm getting my hair done so that I don't have to worry about doing it! I'm also finishing up some audition tapes that I have to send off; so that I won't have those burning in the back of my mind.

This is going to be great!


4:22 PM  
Blogger Marlewen said...

nor was *I* included in your description of animazement...*pouts a little*

Umm...there was something I was going to say, but I totally forgot now...

ACK! The birds be attackin my window!

7:26 PM  

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