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Friday, April 29, 2005

No More Teacher's Dirty Looks

I think that college professors are more able to hate their students because they think of them more as adults, and they're not half as cute as they used to be. With that in mind, one can only suppose what the reason might be for something of the hatorade that teachers have been throwing my all year. I'm as cute as ever! But, that's beside the point. The most important thing is that school is done, and now I only have to deal with the worst thing that was ever invented...Exams. They are the spawn of Satan, but without all the magical powers. So, basically, I'm just trying deal with them and not go totally crazy, which is a feat in in of itself. But I digress, which I notice I've been doing more and more lately. Maybe I need a change in my diet. These exams threaten to be the easiest ones since I've started failing at school. And with a guaranteed A in about four of my five classes, I only have to worry about Math, more specifically Statistics, which threatens to be the 'C' that broke the camels back. But if I stop screwin' around, I could more than likely pull out with a 'B'. Which will probably be my only one, but I can live with that. So, I should probably stop screwin' around over here and finish cleaning my room, so I can get back to studying. Side note here: UNCC will be having a big time gaming day tomorrow, so you can stop by and play DDR, DnD, and any combination of two D's and another letter that you can think of, and involves nerds. So, if you're in the Charlotte/Huntersville/Matthews/Mint Hill/Concord/Anything neat there, go. It'll be well worth it. And speaking of nerds, don't forget to check out the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie that just came out today. I know that Douglas Adams would want you too. I mean, he'd been working on it for years, give the guy a break.


Blogger Ranger Tom said...

I'm not to into remakes. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Was a BBC miniseries I saw on PBS years ago. I like the originals.

As for exams, I'd have to agree with you.

11:18 AM  
Blogger Marlewen said...

Ranger Tom, that's too bad because the movie was awesome! And ya know, the author of the book worked on the screen play two, so any changes that were made, were made by him. You should really see it, it's funny as hell.

10:42 PM  
Blogger England said...

Whatis that smell? Oh, it's the pungent odor of geeks. Ha! I have no idea why I said that...

7:32 PM  

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