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Monday, April 04, 2005

Honda Campus All-Star Challenge 2: Electric Boogaloo

I'm postin a message from the competition right now. Today was an exiciting day. The semi finals were today and Florida A and M won the whole thing. We had a pretty good show. We also went to Islands of Adventure which was pretty cool, and I rode a Spider-Man ride, which was totally worth the 45 minute wait time. Sooooo, anyway, it's been really fun. I'm taking lots of pictures and I might show them to you. I've met a lot of people, and there's been a lot of free stuff. Like food, video games, prizes. It's really been a ball. I even got to go swimming last night. My only regret is that it had to end so soon, and that it comes only once a year. Oh, well, this has been really fun, and I can't wait to start preparing for next year. Our team went 3-4, and we didn't do as well as we'd hoped, but that's not too bad. I'm sure that there are people who did worse. And I met a team from Harris-Stowe which is my favorite team now, next to mine. So, I've gotten to bond with my team and with my coach. I can't even put into words how great this has all been, but still I'll be happy to get back home, well at least North Carolina, and back to my little room. Which shows (even more so than my use of Electric Boogaloo 45 times in a month) that I am a geek.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oooh, Terri, I'm so scared...

Leaving comments in each one of my blog entries, describing the ways of my demise really scares me.

p.s.-Why am I taunting you? It's because you are in Florida.

9:46 AM  

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