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Monday, March 14, 2005

So Take a Letter Maria....

Address it to my wife, say I won’t be coming home, got to start a new life. Talk about slaking off! I deserve a spanking and then after you’ve spanked me, you may do what you please. And then the oral sex! That’s from Monty Python for those who you who are just about to fire off the angry letters to your congressman. Anywho, the road trip was a success. We started on a movie (which we hope one day to finish) and we got to just hang around as friends, which we never get to do anymore. Well, at least I don’t. I learned a very cool cup game, remind me to teach it to you all one day, and we played spades until the cock crowed. I don’t believe I won that many times, but what are you going to do? It’s fun I like it, and my friends like it. We watched a lot of martial arts movies and we watched a lot of soft core porn (I won’t forget that I owe Ingrid and Heather 50 cents). The only regret that I have is that it didn’t last longer. The worst part: We drove the Mark 182 which is, by far, the largest conversion van ever made. If you drive over 70 mph, or the wind stars blowing particularly strong, the van starts to sway which can make it a sphincter clenching vehicle to drive. My friends don’t know it, but several times we were mere moments from death (just kidding guys! ;) We even stopped in the small town of Archdale, NC, where Heather met the kitten of her dreams, the twins met a couple or puppies that they like, I met a puppy and a snake, though I wouldn’t recommend having them at the same time. Anyway, great road trip, I laughed, I cried, it moved me Bob. Now that I’m reading this, it totally doesn’t explain the subject line. Oh, well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was fun indeed. I'm doing the Terri thing right now and I'm slacking off. I'm supposed to be in class.


9:49 AM  

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