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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Who's Loving You?

Do you ever have those days that you're calling everybody that you know, but you can't seem to get any of them on the phone? I don't know a lot of people, but I expect that if I call at least three of them, I should be able to talk to one. I mean, that's not asking a lot is it? But it seems today (my big bro's b-day) I can't seem to find anybody on the phone. This is weird. So, I guess that I'll keep trying because heaven knows I don't even have my big bro's number to wish him a happy birthday. BTW, my birthday is only three days away and I'll be the big 22. Boy, I'm getting old. It's weird, I don't think that somebody, say, 55 is that old. Seriously, I don't. But when it comes to my own age, the grand old age of 21, I feel ancient. I can't describe, or explain it. Anyway, so back to the topic at hand. I can't find anybody to talk to and while cleaning up is passing the time allong splendidly, I'm just anxious to find somebody to talk to. If I didn't see people driving by my window, I'd think that the whole world had just disappeared. Add to that the fact that my roomate has been MIA all morning. It's like she has Cleaning Sense. 'Cleaning Sense, tingling, Terri's going to ask me to clean out the bathtub today. Away!' Anyway, so hopefully I'll find somebody to talk to, and stop subjecting you to nonsensical ramblings about my loneliness.Oh well.


Blogger England said...

I knew you had called, but I was in rehearsal. I called you back right after. Damn, Terri...you know how to make the whole world feel bad. I gotta go, I'm supposed to be walking to class, but...eh. Ooh, we need to make sushi when we come and visit. I should buy one of those kits from Barnes and Nobles.


9:46 AM  
Blogger England said...

Oh, and when it comes to 21...I feel nubile and inexperienced (well, compared to other people). A couple of days after my b-day I had a business, type, of meeting in a bar. Needless to say, they didn't know that only 5 days before our meeting date that I wouldn't have been able to get into the bar.

9:48 AM  
Blogger Terri D. said...

Actually, I was mostly talking about my family who I had been trying to call all weekend. My world doesn't revolve around you! Seriously, it was just that day I called like everybody that I knew, and nobody was answering the phone. I felt it was more global conspiracy more than nobody was just around. Like massive alien abductions or something.

10:08 AM  

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